Blog menu indents inconsistent

I have made a few blog pages but I am getting a weird problem in the blog submenu.
The first couple blog page titles are indented a lot, but the last couple are indented a different amount.

The 4 blog pages are “About this blog” down to “What are those specks”.
How can I make them all indented the same?


PS yes this is a website about treating scabies…don’t get too close!

Looks like a bug, please send us the project file at and we’ll take a look.

Just sent the project file.


I wonder if while I was working perhaps I screwed up the page title somehow…

Duncan wrote with my solution for my self-created problem.
It was not a bug.

Hi Maxim,

you simply have some spaces at the beginning of the item title:

extra spaces


For the next poor SOB to read this thread:
Here is a screenshot of where I entered the spaces to indent my blog listings in the menu.
I simply entered some spaces where it says Item > Item Label
It sure looks tidier with an indent!
Thanks again, Duncan!!!

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