Blog post on linkedin

When I post a blog article link on linkedin, the photo is not associated, on the social network. it works from the index, but not for the article specifically. Anyone have a solution? Thank you in advance.

@Manu, If you go to this link -, and then read up on Social Network Sharing Metadata you’ll find the answer! :slight_smile:

thank you for this quick and efficient advice !!

it doesn’t seem to work, maybe sharing a sparkle blog post, doesn’t support image sharing to linkendin … I’m continuing my research …

Sometimes it works when I share a link and sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t tried with Linkedin but that’s been my experience on Twitter.

The post was likely cached by linkedin the first time you tried to share it. You don’t see changes because linkedin is using the cached version. You need to go to their post inspector to request a refresh.

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