Blog post summary?

In the Sparkle Blog documentation, it states

The ‍index ‍intelligently ‍extracts ‍the ‍main ‍text ‍of ‍each ‍post, ‍removing ‍page ‍header ‍and ‍footer. ‍Or ‍if ‍the ‍post ‍page ‍contains ‍a ‍summary ‍version, ‍that’s ‍used ‍instead.

How do I specify a summary version? I couldn’t find a field for it.

It’s at the bottom of the blog post documentation (revised a couple months ago):

You pick the “Customize Index/RSS Summary” option.


Thanks, I see that now.

I created a couple of test pages and published them into a separate folder “blog_new”. The XML file is in there as “blog-index.xml”.

Is there anyway to change the name and location of the XML file? I currently use “feed.xml” at the top level. Not being able to change it means loosing all current RSS subscribers.

The xml file is automatically named after the blog index page currently. We need to make that customizable. Perhaps a server side redirect (or filesystem symlink) will solve things for you right now.

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Thanks, I’ll look into that.

My two centimes’ worth regarding making it customizable: I think it can be done with:

  • One edit filed for the file name

  • Two radios or a popup menu to save in “Same location as blog index” or “At top level”.

I don’t see why anyone would want to save it elsewhere.