BLOG Posts - Tutorial needed

I wonder if there is any documentation, tutorial or anything where I can find out about how creating a BLOG works. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks, c.

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Hi @Carola,

what we have so far is here:

Please let me know what you are trying to do that’s not explained there, we definitely want to expand the documentation but unsure about what needs clarification exactly.

I think we need a “Sparkle Blog for Dummies” cheatsheet. I was perplexed for the longest time until it finally clicked.


Well, my tip is to start a new project and experiment in it only with the blog. It takes a lot of trial and error to see what all the individual settings do.

The actual blog post contains all the information, text and images, the date, the author and the headline. Arrange everything the way you want to show it to your visitors.

Create as many styles as you need and reserve them for the blog. For example, name them blog_text, blog_date, blog_author, and so on.

Then switch to RSS view and create the summary that will appear on the index page. Rearrange it and omit elements to make it short and concise. Make the visitor curious!

And always test it in the preview. If you duplicate the post, change as much as possible in it: Date, headline, images, text and more. It’s best to choose automatic file names. This is the best way to recognize the different posts.

The whole design of the blog should match the website.

Include in each post a link back to the overview (page 1), or better back to the page of the overview where the post is located (can be page 3).

You can do it like this: “javascript:history.back()” as an external link.

Good Luck.

Mr. F.


I’ll check this out and let you know. Thanks Duncan

Great reply @Mr_Fozzie! I think what we also need is a step by step guide with pictures on how to make a basic Sparkle blog. Being a visual person, that would have helped me a great deal.

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Ui ui ui… this is not an easy one… A little tutorial would be so helpful. For me it is not really clear how to start at all. I’ll give it a try…

Thanks Mr_Fozzie. Nevertheless step by step guide would be GREAT!


I am not very good at writing tutorials. And it is very time consuming. Time that I do not have now.

The best thing is really to try it yourself. A blog post is nothing more than a normal web page. Index / RSS is just their short summary.

The design of a blog is subject to personal taste and the website where it should go. Unfortunately, I can’t help with that.

A lot has been written about it here and I’m sure there are members who can do it better than me.

Mr. F.

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Click on the blog button in the toolbar and then click “Add blog post”?


Small hint: The fields for title, author and date/time of the blog entry are “smart fields” that are inserted into a text field.

This is not in the documentation. Maybe Duncan can add this.

Mr. F.

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It clicked :star_struck: Jippiiiieeee! Here you go:
Regards from happy Carola :smiley:


An excellent and very professional website Carola!
Gives me the inspiration to have a go at creating a small technical library and see how it goes - also known as a blog!

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