Blog tag variable

As a blog site visitor, I’d like to know the tag I chose in seeing the filtered index. Currently, if a blog site has numerous posts and the site allows me to click on a tag to see a filtered version of the entire index, the list looks the same and there is nothing visual to remind me of the tag associated with the filtered list.

As a blog site designer (developer?), I’d like the ability to provide a visual reminder to the visitor of the list of blogs they are viewing from the tag the visitor clicked.

I’m assuming this is a suggestion as opposed to a question as searching through both the documentation and community did not show anything on this topic.

Nice thought.

So you think one should give an extra status “Selected” to the selected tag’s button? Like a new color to highlight it. Why not. Only Duncan can tell you if that works.

But then what would be highlighted by default if no tag was selected? How about if the tag “all” is not set?

Or on the Blog Index page, similar to the Search page, add a line that then says “All posts with XXX tag.”

That would certainly make sense for blogs with a lot of posts. On the other hand, you can only ever filter by 1 tag. And you’ll be able to remember that one word, right?

And when you have filtered the posts, all blog tags are still visibly available. If the desired result is not there, you click on another button.

Mr. F.