Blog tags not included in site search

Hi there, I was playing around with the new blog tags, and I realized that they are not included / searchable with the site search.
For a blog it would be good to have this included.

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There is probably something wrong with the BLOG feature.
In my Sparkle version 4 the function “sort alphabetically” is not available in the inspector on the right. This can be seen in the documentation.

I have not tested the search function, because I do not have a real blog yet.

Mr. F.

Thanks, we should definitely add them to search results.

The blog tags inspector differs depending if you place it on a blog post page or on the blog index page. The former doesn’t show sorting, it lets you enter the tags for that post. The latter shows the sum of blog tags on all posts so it makes sense there to sort them by count or alphabetically.

Nothing wrong about (this aspect of) the blog feature.

Alright. Wasn’t aware that Tags can be added to the Blog Index.
Maybe the documentation needs some extra words for this.

Mr. F.

The weather is not inviting with 5°C and heavy rain. And I’m not interested in the Olympics in China either. So I’m experimenting with Sparkle.

Blog tags seem interesting to me. It’s best to place them in the RSS view of the post. Then they are not shown in the index, but appear in the overall view of the tags (for example, sorted by number). In the actual blog post, I don’t think they are needed.

So far so good. If you now click on such a tag, only those posts are displayed in the index that also contain this tag. Perfect! But how does it go back?

I have inserted a button with the action go to Blog Index, all posts. Does not work. Likewise in the RSS view of the post: doesn’t work either.

If this button is in the blog post, then it works as intended.

Now I have only tested this in the preview, not in a published web page. Could this be the reason?

So in summary: how do you get back to all posts in the index when you have selected a blog tag?

Mr. F.

Thanks, in theory the link to blog index would do that, but there’s a bug that prevents it from working (that we just fixed for the upcoming update). Also there’s no way to only show a button/link when the blog index is filtered by tag.

OK and thank you.

A possible but maybe not very elegant solution would be to add the blog tag “all” (or something like that) to each blog entry. Then the tag “all” always appears first in the index if you have set sort by number when you have filtered the entries.

Cool, isn’t it?

Mr. F.

Bug Report


When you try to edit an existing smart field in a blog page (like changing the format of the date) and you mark it, it shrinks to a tiny purple something and you can not klick it. You have to delete it and reinsert / edit this field. Then it is ok again.

Does somebody else see this too?

Mr. F.


Now that 4.0.4 has been officially released, can I ask if anyone sees - or doesn’t see - the same thing as I do?

When inserting blog tags on the Blog Index page and highlighting them, the style inspector in the right column is empty. You can’t change any settings, like sorting.

I have reported this issue to Duncan already.
I want to rule out the possibility that it’s just me because of something.

** bug confirmed **

Mr. F.