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I have seen this question elsewhere in the community:
Creating a Blog with Comments

But i wonder if anyone has managed an alternative besides using “Disqus
Selcuk Yilmaz (@selcuk ) has setup a blog page using it - check out this link

I did some searching and found some possible options/alternatives.
For those who may be interested here are 2 links that give some options:

Top 7: Best Open Source Self-Hosted Comment System Alternatives to Disqus
17 Best Open-source Self-hosted Commenting Systems

I’m thinking about giving “Hashoverwill” a try.
(i will report my findings and experience)

If anyone has already try one of the alternatives, please share your experience with the community

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The only thing I will add here is be aware…
If anything I would go for Hashoverwill Version 1 because it has a flat-file database and isn’t hackable like a full on SQL database. I have dealt with big mySQL databases and they are hackable no matter what we are told!

The idea behind using a third-part like Disqus is they are taking care of their security and if things were to go wrong like a full on breach then they will sort it. Sure Disqus will go down for a few days but your website is still running without any issues.

The more PHP and databases we add to our Sparkle project on the server the more we are bait for the hackers who get great satisfaction in hacking vulnerabilities!

Just my two cents worth!..


Hi @FlaminFig (Hendrik) danke!
I’m on the same page regarding your views on PHP/MySQL (and very well aware about the additional vulnerability)
Also agree about using the flat file option.

I also agree with MySQL, see WordPress is based on MySQL.