Blog Workaround

This may not be what people want but it can certainly fill a need until a blog feature is presented. I am going to mess around with the other blogging solutions as well.

Basically what you are doing with this trick is embedding a website within your website. Let’s use Blogger for example. You will do everything with Blogger and on the page you want it to appear, embed this code:

<object data= **** width=" **600** " height=" **400** "> <embed src= **** width=" **600** " height=" **400** "> </embed> Error: Embedded data could not be displayed. </object>

Anything within the ** is what you want to change. It is bolded. I do not have an active page as I am messing with features, nor do I know how it is manipulated within the field. To see it in action, go to this website:

Let me know if this works for you and what you think.

It is an alternative with a bit of messing around, but I think the Sparkle blog work around that you can find on Duncan’s website ( suffices for me until we see something “bloggy” surface down the track.

For now I think it is a far better SEO keeping all your content on your own site, including a “makeshift blog” for now. Just doing a quick check just be careful with how it looks on smaller devices - looks like it could be problematic. Anyways just my take on things! :slight_smile:

Hi @murdaman09, embedding a blog is an option. The <object> tag is kind of a thing of the past though. Sparkle has native iframe embedding, you place the URL of the blog in the embed element, and Sparkle will create a resizable iframe for you. A lot simpler than looking at all the asterisks there :slight_smile:

How do I access the iframes? I am very new to the idea of website building and searching for this in the software. I may have found it and had no clue.

@murdaman09, If you click onto the “…” aka “more” at the top of your Sparkle user interface you’ll see in the dropdown an element called “Embed”, under the “Spacial” heading. Once you click this a container will be placed onto your Sparkle canvas and you’ll see the right-hand panel change with the heading “Embedded Content”. Here is where you place the code Duncan mentioned.

That is basically what my OP is. I embedded the code into the embedded content function. Unless there is something else I am not seeing as I have the free version to play around with it before I purchase. I am also testing DropInBlog as well.

If your blog is at you enter that in the embed, instead of the code. Sparkle will produce the resizable iframe for you.

And how to turn on the On Click function for the Embed, please ?

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean.