Blogging right from Sparkle!

I guess it’s been suggested before, but I would LOVE to be able to blog right in the Sparkle app. The old iWeb had a nice tool for that, which I used a lot. Here I’m embedding google blogger pages, but it’s pretty janky: sometimes they don’t load correctly, and the fonts are inconsistent, and the blogger web interface is not fun either.

Maybe blogging seems outdated in the world of instagram and tiktok, but I really want to be able to write little essays and easily pop them in to my website.


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@Alden, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

I don’t think blogging is dead… it has its place in the world wide web.
Blogging integration into Sparkle has been requested a lot, even by me, and I know Sparkle V3 is around the corner so I’m keeping my fingers-crossed and I know Duncan and his Team will make a great job of it when it comes to Sparkle! :slight_smile:

In the meantime I have a manual blog running on some of my clients websites, and here is an example in motion ( where we have a blog and a video blog. Admittingly it takes a bit of time to update when a new blog goes in but it is well worth it compared to latching on some sort of blog platform that messes things up like you have suggested.


I sincerely hope blogging is not dead. Creative writing is so important! I must say that when I come across a well written blog, that has good design and is not laden with ad’s with the blogger trying to ram selling stuff down your throat, then it’s a very pleasant experience!!



Thanks. I see that you have new blog posts at the top of the page. Do you manually drag the previous posts lower to put the new one in? Or how do you do it? I guess if we could make a table that would be easier?
I have found that when I make certain changes from my laptop, the mobile layout gets messed up and I have to basically design it twice.

Yes, I manually move the previous post lower and place the new one to keep the latest post chronological order replicating the automated blog post systems.

With your second statement I’m assuming you are talking about your 320 mobile breakpoint?
Moving elements around on the desktop breakpoint will change things on your mobile breakpoint so you have to get into the habit that when you make changes to your website you check all the other breakpoints making up your website.