Botton mouse hover popup

I wanted to add a Botton that will open the email client to send an email, however; while the site visiter is hovering on top of the Botton, I want the visiter to see a small popup showing a small note before pressing the Botton.

The thing is the above method is working fine if the Botton location is fixed, but when activating the “fix to browser bottom” option, things start to get messy, the Botton location is different based on the client browser, however the popup is fixed regardless of the Botton location.
will try to add video showing what I mean: click here.

The idea that I want to activate the “fix to browser bottom” option is because I do not want the footer is be visible is the middle of the browser on bid screens.

Note: I tried to add the popup to the footer group, but it did not work.

Can you send the project file (or just the page with the issue) to We’ll take a look.

Hi duncan,

I am not sure if you saw the video or not, but the issue are on all pages.

I have sent the project file.

One more issue, is there a way to add or link long word files with out the copy/paste?
I have the last three pages (terms & conditions, return & refund policy, and privacy policy) contain many information, and the same information I need to upload it to Ecwid, however, it will be hard to keep track the information in 2 places, the copy/paste option will make me to reformat everything as the it past the information as plain text and not as the word file.

Thank you.