Boxes, boxes, boxes ... and page height!

I am struggling with boxes and wondering if this is a bug or me not getting things right. When I create a box and set up a background color for it, my pages background adopts that same color. If I readjust the color of the page background, the color of my boxes changes to that same color as well. Drives me nuts!
Also struggling with adjusting individual page length. Not sure I understand how and when to used “fit page height to content”.
Thanks for help!!!

Hi mimimelo, without seeing how you’ve set your colour palette, it’s difficult to know what you’ve done. Perhaps if you upload the file to Duncan or upload it here where we can take a look, we might be able to help you. I’m sure it’s just something simple that needs tweaking.

Here it is ! I’m certainly doing it wrong because I don’t know what setting colour palette entails :slight_smile: Between not being native english speaker and being a beginner at this… my website

Another issues that drives me crazy. One of my menus (called “Flâneries”) doesn’t link to the proper page. Is there a restriction of no more than 5 tabs? I previously tried to create a sub-menu but did not succeed…

So I can see the website and it looks fine if that’s what it should look like. I would need to see the actual Sparkle file to see what’s going on with your colours though. With regard to the tab issue, did you insert a menu item or are you using buttons for the tabs. If you are using buttons, you may have copied the button and it’s copied the contact link as well. Select the Flâneries button and unlink it. The select a new link. I can’t tell exactly that this is the problem but more than likely.

Oh my Gosh, it was so simple! I just removed the tab and re-added it and renamed it according to the page name, and voilà! Thanks!!! I have no idea how to post the actual Sparkle file here.

@mimimelo, when it comes to the colour issue I would say you haven’t defined your colours for your website. The colour palette works across your website and if you have coloured some of your elements, say beige including your page background then when you change that colour for say your introduced box, but change it to say to black, then all your elements that had that colour beige is now black.

As I mentioned, you need to work out the main colours and assign it to the “Main” section of your colour palette… I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand at this time but it’s 1:45 AM where I am. I will try to do that when my brain works better :slight_smile: Thanks!