Brand New User Questions

Is there a good ‘Sparkle for Dummies’ book or site that walks you through set-by-step?

I am trying to get a Gallery to automatically run through the images, but nothing ever happens and I cannot find anything in the Help to provide assistance.

Many thanks

Hi Matt. I don’t believe there is a pdf version just yet. Your galleries section is here. Image Galleries | Sparkle Documentation

Yes. Your gallery will change automatically. The screenshot shows where you can adjust in properties, speed etc.

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Hello and a warm WELCOME to Sparkle and the community.

For the Gallery the solution is shown in the screenshot Woodrow postet. The key word ist “Slideshow”. You have to tick the checkbox and set the time.

I don’t think there’s any printware for Sparkle. What helped ma a lot (startet 15 month ago with Sparkle) was watching the Youtube Video Training Duncan published. Like this one:

It is from an older version, but the basics are more or less the same. Build a test project and fiddle around as much as you can. Upload it to a (non public) webspace and see the results.

Good Luck!

Mr. F.


Thanks. I have the settings as shown in link and have also tried with the ‘Slide’ box ticked. Neither result in anything other than the first image staying on screen and none of the others showing up. Clicking on the arrows works, so I know all the images are there.

Is there a subsection of the site that is mainly for newbies? I don’t want to flood the site with questions that have been asked many times already.

If you are ok with german:

And the go to preview. Works.

Mr. F.

Still no joy with either Preview or Publishing.

Please show us a screenshot of the full canvas with the settings.

Mr. F.

How about ticking “Automatic Slideshow”?

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Aha! That worked. I wonder why the Help indicated that an automatic slide show was the default setting?
Many thanks. As you can see this is for a camera club and members really want to show their work.
I feel my skills will be like the classic report card “Jim’s improved writing skills have revealed a total inability to spell”
You will probably be seeing more embarrassing questions from me

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There are no stupid questions.
Only poorly formulated questions, without enough information about the problem to solve it.

Mr. F

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