Broken websites - haven't touched Sparkle in ~1 month

Hi all,

Coming back from the holiday break it seems some of my websites have changed a bit!

Here they are:

Some of the elements (only at the top section of the page) seem to have moved around as you can see.

It’s odd because I haven’t touched Sparkle or those websites since maybe 1 month ago.

Just thought I’d flag this for you all just in case it might have affected you without you knowing as well.

(It’s not too much trouble to fix them and re-publish, so I’m not too bothered, but I’ll leave them as they are for a bit so you can see)

All three websites have mobile views where the elements aren’t positioned the same as the desktop view…also none of the mobile views on the live websites are broken. Might be relevant.

Here’s an example of what is meant to look like - per my Sparkle file which is untouched

@duncan do you know anything about this?

Hello @dereklieu

Everything seems to be fine with those websites when I open them in Safari.

Is this happening in Google Chrome only? Then it could be the problem discussed here:

Ah thank you! Yes, it is the same problem :smile: apologies, I missed that other thread

Thanks for your help!

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There are so many threads now, it’s easy to miss one of them. :smiley:

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