Bug/Feature report

I just finish a Sparkle website and struggle immense to get it finished.

Problem what i have is:

  • Having the footer on every page makes sense, and the pages differ on page length.
    I have set the header and footer to “show on all pages”.
    While adjusting the footer upwards to fit on the short pages, the footer also moves upwards on other longer pages. OUCH!
    Shifting at back on the longer pages let look the short pages horrible.

  • handheld adjustment. It takes heaps amount of time to adjust the mobile page. I though Sparkle, automatically adjust the mobile page and we need to do some little adjustments. But what Sparkle does is just resize everything to smaller font and pictures. So we need to spend lots of time to actually rebuild the page from the scratch.

Please add features as different page length and adjustable footer position and automatic readjustment of mobile pages.


For the footer elements, did you enable the checkbox “Follow footer”?

Yes follow footer does exactly what you want.

We are (painfully) aware of the mobile layout issues.

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@MiWe, I had that issue really early in the piece with the footer and as Habbound & Duncan suggests the magic solution is “Follow footer”.

I know what you are saying about the mobile breakpoint. For now it is a bit labour intensive and I’m sure further refinement will be appreciated but it can be a fine line, because Sparkle is responsive fixed-width not responsive fluid-width. I mean Wordpress most of the time via a page builder/template plugin will auto create the mobile breakpoint and that is it! What it creates is what you get and I have seen many of times what a mess it creates!.. so having total control over the mobile breakpoint is a great thing.

I would love if that when we create a mobile breakpoint that we get all the elements from the other breakpoint as is but sitting outside the mobile breakpoint canvas and then we can just drag/rearrange the elements (within the mobile breakpoint canvas) to look better on a mobile screen. But I’m sure Duncan & Team are looking into this with passion! :slight_smile:


What is Follow footer?


Hope this helps.

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