Bug in hamburger menu (Sparkle 2.8.11)

Hi Sparkle Team,

today I found a bug in Sparkle 2.8.11 that should be repaired as soon as possible.

When I accidentally mirrored a „hamburger menu“ it wasn’t scalable anymore – the „hamburger image“ to be precise. To bad that this happened in a quite complex website I created.

To be shure it was not only with that website I tested it in a new Sparkle document with new new hamburger menu … See added screenshots.

The only way to make the „hamburger image“ scalable again was to delete the whole menu and replace it by a new menu (which showed the identical behavior after it was mirrored).

Since it can happen quite easily that a menu gets accidentally scaled (mirroerd) in the „wrong direction“ this bug is very annoying.

Only the hamburger menu seems to show that behavior.

I checked previous test versions of Sparkle (pre 2.8.x) and the problem dit not pop up.

Ijust found out: The menu is not scalable with mouse/trackpad, it can only be scaled with the size slider in the inspector menu. That helps but not ideal.

Not quite sure what version of Sparkle you are using …

The most recent version is 2.8.11

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 17.27.42

2.8.11 (dont’t know why I typed 8.5.1)

I changed that in the post.

Thanks. Best report bugs directly via email: feedback@sparkleapp.com