Bug Report - Page length issue with Gallery

Page length issue with Gallery.
In the current version of 2.8.12 (4336), I notice that all of my pages with “Gallery” has added unexpected length at the footer after “published”.

This problem wasn’t suppose to be in any of the previous versions I’ve worked with.

Hi @kfc, this is unfortunately not happening in a simple project I just tried, so it’s likely something else. Please send the project file to feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll take a look. Please use wetransfer.com if the project file is large.

Hi @duncan , I’ve just sent you an email with the attached project in wetransfer link. Please kindly take a look.

You’ll notice the issue immediately after you’ve exported / published the project. There will be extra space added after the footer. If you removed the gallery, and export again the space after the footer will not appear. I’ve tried to reproduce it by making a new project and copy over the assets from old document to the new except the gallery. Everything was fine until I make a new gallery in the project (not copied).

Thank you.

Just wanted to follow up on this for who bumps into this kind of issue. The problem was not actually a Sparkle bug.

When you export to disk Sparkle produces “web ready” files, meaning they are intended to be viewed from a web server. The pages are faster when viewed via a web server, because Sparkle implements the performance improvements that make the site quicker to load (namely deferring loading CSS and Javascript), as suggested by all page speed tests, a metric also used by Google to rank sites.

The problem with the speed-up techniques is they don’t work when loading the page from the Finder directly, and there’s no way to make them compatible.

There are two possible solutions:

  1. view the site via a web server, so publishing it to a hidden/temporary location on your web server
  2. export to disk by setting the “offline compatible” option during export setup, this produces a different slower site that works when loaded from the Finder (but you shouldn’t upload this as is to your server because it’s going to be slower)
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