But the management of the pages is always the same?

I do not understand if it is a limitation of my version, but on the new Sparkle has been introduced an improved version of page management? Don’t tell me that one of the most important things to do for my sites has not been done…I cry!

The app and supporting documentation is not yet launched.

Might have to wait a day for the launch.

Sorry there are going to be missing things for everybody. We are aware of the problem and will be addressing it. It was just not for this release.

I am super chuffed at finally having 3.0! Duncan, it is pretty amazing and I’m having fun right now playing with and learning about the new features. And I have to say, the blog feature is just what I have been waiting for! Thank you Sparkle!!!

@multimediaman, but yes, page management remains an issue. My sites (I have three with Sparkle) are very small but despite that, it can be finicky so I could only imagine what it would be like for bigger/professional sites. Hopefully Duncan can shed some light for us.

Not entirely sure what the original poster was asking about, but assuming the topic has to do with managing the hierarchical file/folder structure of the exported site files, could there be a visual diagram of the site’s file structure reflecting files and subdirectories?

Maybe even make the icons for the pages and subdirectories rearrangeable via drag and drop?

Perhaps the Light Table view in Apple’s Keynote can serve as a visual model and jumping off point for this page management feature.

Such a graphical site view might even be useful as a starting point for some site designers who have a clear view of site structure even before the graphic design and page layout has been firmed up. Add pages and hierarchical structure in this view, then design each page.

Duncan has been 1 year since specific requests were made. Some of us use Sparkle to create portals or sites with lots of pages. The management system had to be the first to be set up.
The current system is bad in every respect! If you start to have more than 20 pages, it becomes impossible to manage.
I understand that it is not possible to satisfy everyone, but this I think was a fundamental thing to do.
And nothing…excuse me for the outburst, but I am very disappointed. I have waited so long, and in the end I find myself in the same place as human ago…

ps: I also see that two other things, required, have not been introduced: a different management of the grid (which has always remained the same) and the possibility of having rulers…

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I understand your disappointment. What you “require” is not the same that other Sparkle users “require”. We make judgement calls. We merge different features in the same area for a specific release. I’m really sorry if Sparkle 3 doesn’t work for you. The upgrade is free anyway, if you are not interested in the new features.

Enthused it is that I am !

You’re right. The point is that it has not been done. That’s all.
I repeat, I understand that you can not satisfy everyone, but here you did not ask for a beauty accessory, to make the site more attractive. They were asking to get their hands on a different management of the files that are needed to work. A clear hierarchical management structure, like Adobe Muse, would have been the icing on the cake.
Now I have no idea if and when this will happen. Maybe in a year? And what do I do with all the projects I have, with at least 50 pages each? What do I tell my clients?
Well, patience. Perhaps I have bet on the wrong horse.
Good evening to all!

Anyway, there were many of us asking for it. It doesn’t seem to me that it was just me…
In any case, I’ll get over it, Duncan!

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It is so easy to sit on the other side of the fence and point fingers not knowing the fine line and complexity of making Sparkle work for the majority and for all the web-compliant browsers!!!

Us web designers need to rethink in how we serve up websites, especially if we have decided to work with Sparkle, and stop bullying the creators of Sparkle - there are only two of them!

Who, what, where, when and why. If your target audience doesn’t get that in the first two pages, you lost your sale. Customers get really irritated with beautiful scrolling web sites with beautiful pictures. I don’t have to be talked into taking a vacation at that resort in Tahiti, that’s why I went to your web site! What the heck are you selling, is it in stock, how fast can you get it here? If I have even the slightest inkling that your product doesn’t work, I’ll go on to the next store. Pound on the description, make sure it’s clear. Find a person on a park bench and show them, and if they don’t understand then you are wrong. Fix it, repeat. It’s not about the pictures, it’s about the sale! Your customer looks at sales numbers, not artistic merit awards! :slight_smile:

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Dear friend, I understand the difficulties of creating an application. I respect the work of everyone and Duncan. I am just bitter. I will get over it…


In principle I fully agree with both your statements. :+1:

Bullying the creators of Sparkle is absolutely intolerable.

I just would like to add one thing: Not all websites are about selling a product (or a vacation) and are limited to 10 pages max. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not all of my customers want to sell something with their websites. So I maintain websites that are purely informative, and they can grow larger in size – with many pages – over the years, as information is added regularly.

Of course those kind of pages are mostly meant to be viewed on a desktop computer and not on mobile.

I don’t speak Italian, but when I look at the website of @MultimediaMan I think it is primarily an informative website about special effects in movies and he collects facts and information from all over the world.

While I am totally okay with the page management in Sparkle (I use “sections” to structure the websites) I can understand that others may think differently.

However we feel about Sparkle 3 and the new features, every opinion should be heard as long as it is expressed in a decent and respectful way. That is the crux of the matter.

The internet is big enough for all our ideas and websites. So let’s support each other creatively.


@MultimediaMan What are you specifically looking for in terms of page management?

I am a content creator and I agree page management is critical for effective workflow. I create content rich sites that hit 50 pages by the end of the first year.

In the meantime I wanted to thank @Shadowfax who was the only one at the moment to come out of the chorus and understand my point of view. Thank you also for visiting my site (one of the many that I have realized with Sparkle) where he understood well what I meant.
Yes, it is a site that talks about special effects, with insights on techniques, history, protagonists and so on. The site currently has about 28 pages. And every time I have to update it I tremble…
Anyway, thanks for your support.

I also apologize if I gave the impression of being a bully (someone in here unfortunately called me so), but I assure that it is a totally false impression. I hope that Duncan, with whom I have written several times in private, can confirm this. I am a very polite and discreet person. Unfortunately my English is not perfect and I use a translator to help me write. It is likely that my meaning has been mistranslated. I always try to improve machine translations, but I don’t think I have the best results at the moment as someone interpreted my disappointment on version 3 as an attack on Sparkle. This is not the case. I apologize if that was the impression, but please consider that I do my best to write well into english, but I don’t always succeed.

I answer point by point:

I hope you have understood that I am not a bully and I understand the difficulties behind the creation of Sparkle. But open your mind to the fact that there are other people who have other needs. Not all of us make websites to book tables in restaurants or rent rooms or make websites with two or three pages…

My sites are informative. They talk about topics that require in-depth analysis and therefore you need to put many pages in the field. These are portals whose topics branch everywhere. I don’t sell anything except services related to the topics I write about and links to third party partners like Amazon.

I too essentially create container websites. I write about cinema, TV series, cartoons, coaching, and much more. For me and my work Sparkle is fundamental, as is better page management. Unfortunately my kind of sites force me to work with a lot of pages and doing it with Sparkle is tiring.
The part dedicated to the interface of the pages cannot be enlarged and therefore all of them become small, crowded, messy. A drama.
But I understand that there are other urgencies. However, I have been waiting for a year for this update, only to discover that everything I needed is not there this time either. I will still buy the paid version because I want to support the work of the team. I’m glad that the update were looking for has arrived for someone, but I see that the others are not happy with my requests. After all I ask for improvements useful to everyone.
At the moment it seems to me that there are 3 of us creating portals with Sparkle. There is another user that I don’t remember his name who told me how he was going crazy with some of his sites that had 100 pages and that he too was waiting for a better management of the pages. I hope to make him feel because it seems that I am the only crazy one who asks for something like that…

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Your English and translation is fine. Your passion is even better.

In my opinion Sparkle serves three audiences; non designers (1-2 sites), pro web designers (many sites) and us content creators (sites for packaging our content). We content creators are the minority by far. We don’t want features that do things for us, we need tools, specifically workflow, that enhance our creative process.

I see many comments that print is dead. Now way is that true. Print on the web is growing rapidly and I need text tools. Kerneling and text flow would be very helpful in Sparkle. Good print combined with video, images, and animation make the web unequaled storytelling. Sparkle has the potential to rule as king in this new world.

My sites are rich in text, video, music, audio, images, and animation. Users on my sites, whether mobile or desktop, spend hours on my sites. I educate, entertain, and sell.

Google’s search changes really reward content heavy sites. I have 3000 word articles that rank at the top of their categories.

Keep creating, fit Sparkle in your workflow, not your workflow around Sparkle. By the way, I have yet to upgrade to paid Sparkle 3 as I am not yet convinced the value is there for me.

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The Keynote light table idea is great. Every good design app has a light table view. I would like to see Sparkle display all the device views that way as well.

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Thanks also to you for the support. I am very heartened by your words.
I believe that the contents are as important as their presentation. I’m glad to know that you create content and make money with it, maybe I should ask you for some suggestions to improve my business.
Actually Sparkle doesn’t have any features I really need at the moment, so I’m not rushing to update it. Maybe I just need the pop-up feature or the blog. But not being able to try them I’m not convinced yet. I’m waiting to see some practical examples and then I’ll decide.

Not being able to demo the new features I am watching the forum to judge as well.

The Pop-up, Layer’s Panel, and Shadow Contour sound good. The blog ,maybe, depends on what restrictions it brings.

Other content creators who contacted me privately haven’t upgraded yet either.