But the management of the pages is always the same?

@MultimediaMan, thank you for clarifying that the translator might be giving the wrong tone to your posts.

I understand we have all “angles” here when it comes to using Sparkle making the Sparkle Team efforts so much more difficult to please us all. We just need to consistently make our point with a supportive user-case which is all noted and prioritised by the Sparkle Team, as Duncan keeps mentioning.

So thanks for your take… I have an open mind (need to in this industry) and I also build out sites of 5, 10, 15, or 25 pages and the latest 36 pages so totally understand the page management side of things!

Absolutely. Open mind and straight drawbar!
Sparkle is a great program. I hope it will meet everyone’s needs.
Although this time it has improved a lot of things like, finally, the possibility to put the shadow on PNG graphics, this update has essentially satisfied those who build sites with “booking” thanks to two important functions.
Hopefully something will be done soon for pure designers and content creators as well:

  1. Different management of pages (like Adobe Muse);
  2. Possibility to crop the image not only “above-center-below” or “right-center-left”;
  3. Magnetized grids for better positioning of the elements;
  4. The possibility to create pages free from limits. There may in fact be two modes of creation. A “compatible” mode for desktop and mobile version (with limitations on page size, as it happens now) and a “desktop only” mode that allows the designer to create custom sized pages that maybe work only on desktop.
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