Button and its mouse-over effect

I want to and must move the: https://heilpraktiker-murr.de to sparkle. 1) On its landing page (and of all following pages as well) I created buttons at that time (Muse) with a rollover effect so that the image appears as soon as the mouse hovers over the colored button. I cannot do this. 2) In order to try to make it even more modern I tried the other way round - start with the image visible and fill it with a colour as soon as the mouse hovers over it. This also does not work - my settings look like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-03 um 21.21.04
The mouse effect only changes the textcolor but not the appearance of the button, which is intended.
Is there a way to get this?
Thanks in advance,

To not give up I found a workaround by adding the image below the button (with the color I have from the original page/site) in layer z-order. Mouse over effect now is set to transparent, both color and text.
It works but maybe this construction is too heavy? I don’t know and wait for a better solution.
And again - thanks in advance, Uwe


@UweRausB, your work around is what I would have suggested to get your desired effect.
I’m sure this will change in the future! :slight_smile:

Hi @UweRausB , here is an example file on how to create the mouse-over effect.

Don’t forget to enable id customization:

I also think the hover effect needs a bit more improvement. For example in this video. A little effect will make the site less rough. Click here.

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