Button “show on all devices”

I’d like to suggest a feature. For every element placed on the page, a dialogue button that says “show on all devices” / on or off.
That way if adding an element on a 320px you could control if it showed on a tablet, or 1200px desktop. Thanks

It seems a good idea @Woodrow, but I think after a while it would become annoying.

I think a universal block containing the ability on the right hand-panel would really help, or be able to do it via the Layers Panel because at the moment when you hide an element it fades out in the Layers Panel. But let’s see what happens! :)…

The problem with the current approach is when an element is hidden on a device (browser width), Sparkle still stores the element on the page, thus forcing the user to download an unused element. Spread across five device (browser width) layouts Sparkle can get very large very quickly with a huge payload download.

My solution for Sparkle is to have an asset library, visually similar to the layout panel, that allows an item to be checked to add it to the current page. Thus only loading it from the library into a downloadable page as needed.

I wouldn’t be a good designer without mentioning that good design minimizes different elements used across different devices (browser widths) anyway. This may not seem important but feedback from users is they hate moving between desktop and mobile and encountering what seems like a different website.

I’m really not sure what you mean with this.

Sparkle needs to store the HTML for something that’s not visible on the current device, that’s just how responsive sites works.

Rereading my first paragraph I see my error. One element visible on one device, hidden on others, is still one element in HTML.

I consider it a good day when I go to bed having gotten more things right than wrong. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Love the idea of an asset library.

I thought Sparkle already had an asset library?
It is just built in and not very visual…