Button suddenly doesn't show pages on click but only prev and next page

Button - what to do on click: suddenly doesn’t show pages on click but only prev and next page.
I was working this afternoon and suddenly right before finishing all, I cannot link the buttons to the designated pages. There are no pages shown anymore but only previous or next page in the dropdown.
Did I click something accidentially?

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After closing down sparkle and reopening it works again as intended and expected.
Seems to had been a hiccup?

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I got this error again - also after closing and reopening this error disappeared. Am I the only one with this glitch?
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I also have this issue, and now my app is crashing non-stop after restarting it.
It tries to reopen the page with the correct setting and then it crashes again after closing the report error page

I recommend to send the file to Duncan. Don’t share it here in the forum as all credentials are send with the files and you won’t want that, will you?
Your file might be corrupted in some way and the only one to solve this might be Duncan or his Team – the other solution to try from scratch with a new site, copy and page by page but not 100% sure if that really helps if sparkle crashes all the time.

I also had this original issue again which after reopening disappeared, so …

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