Calendar text field

Is the a popup calendar text field that when click you click a calendar popup a date you can select.

Hi @rklco, could you please ask the question again. I’m guessing what you are asking because your grammar is all over the place…

He probably wants a date picker.

Let’s try this again. I need a field to go in the form section that is a date popup not just a field that you can type in a date. It can’t be a html code because it has to work with Sparkle form.

  • Add a Text Input field to your form

  • Change text (FORM VARIABLE) to date

  • Save and publish your webpage

  • Open the webpage in a plain text editor

  • Search for: <input type="text" name="date" class="input(number)">

  • Change it to: <input type="date" name="date" class="input(number)">

  • Save changes, open the webpage in your browser and test your date picker…

Thank you that worked fine