Call for beta testers

Hi everybody, we are constantly working on the next version of Sparkle, and inevitably there are unexpected behaviors or flat out bugs. In order to catch those as soon as possible, and increase the general quality, it’s useful to have people using Sparkle builds before they are considered final and released. In the software industry this is called “beta” software.

Testing buggy software is not for everybody, here’s how we’d like you to approach it:

  • you are familiar enough with Sparkle to know what constitutes normal behavior and what is incorrect
  • you understand the beta Sparkle might lose some of the data you enter
  • you have a knack for breaking software :slight_smile:
  • you have the patience to try and boil down the unexpected behavior to the smallest thing that is triggering it
  • you have a Sparkle license from our website (the AppStore license doesn’t activate the beta version)
  • you test Sparkle to help Sparkle, not to get an early peek at new features, or to get your pet feature added
  • bonus points if you have an eye for design or can make suggestions on the features in development

While we will thank you repeatedly and immensely, it’s still a thankless job.

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I think I have become a specialist in point 3 :sweat_smile:

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Ciao Duncan, se può essere utile mi propongo come beta tester

Bumping this just to remind everybody that we’re still open to anybody to wants to help testing!