"Call phone number" on mobile version only?

The “On Click” action to “Call phone number” is a great facility to have on the mobile version of a website as it saves the user having to mess about copying/pasting the number to make a call to you.

But the thing is, I’d rather not have it on the desktop version of my site as it appears to generate a WhatsApp call, and WhatsApp does not support voicemail.

I feel I may be missing something obvious here, but is there a way to enable “Call phone number” on the mobile version of my site and disable it on the desktop iteration?

Many thanks…

@Mike4, In today’s world all devices are all talking with one another including desktop and mobile so when I click a linked number on my desktop or tablet, my phone engages the call. Even Windows 10 is allowing it nowadays so it isn’t a bad thing. You most likely have WhatsApp prioritise to take calls instead of the normal phone way.

So if you just want mobile to allow the call then hide the non-link make a call text from mobile device and introduce a new text element with now the phone number linked to make a call. Remember to hide the introduced text element from your tablet and desktop devices.

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Ah yes, thanks, I WAS missing something. If I make the phone number itself a separate text element (instead of having it within a paragraph of text) I can use “Show on this device”.

But I also see your point about desktops sending a call to the phone anyway. I assumed because my Mac doesn’t do this, that no desktops do. One must never assume ANYTHING!

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