Can a page be turned off for one device

I would like some pages from my desktop device to NOT be included in the Phone version. Is this possible?

I believe you cannot do that but you can hide elements for a device. I would hide the links and the menu link for that page you don’t wanna see on your device.

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Mobile usage is higher than desktop. The latest stats from Stacounter is showing that the gap between mobile and desktop is currently close, possibly due to people spending more time at home.

Perhaps keep your mobile page but hide the content for mobile view and add a pleasant message that ‘this page is best viewed on desktop’. And of course, hide that message on devices that will be viewed on desktop - and/or tablet devices.

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@pollysmithblackwell, I’m curious why you would want to? Is something on desktop too complicated to layout on mobile?

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There’s no way to do that because the web is not separated between devices. A page means the existence of an html file on your web host, and any device can navigate to it. There are hacks and workarounds to try to detect a mobile device and hide content, but conversely phones have the “request desktop website” kind of features to counter that. You really should be thinking in terms of layouts instead of devices.