Can a Section have a link?

Is it possible to create a Section, which reveals a menu as normal, but the section header can also be linked to a page?

Does that make sense? At the moment, I have a Support section on my page. When the user hovers over Support, or clicks it, a menu is revealed. I’d like to open up a default page when Support is clicked instead.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi @Gavin,

that’s not possible. It’s called out in the menu documentation:

Sparkle ‍doesn’t ‍currently ‍let ‍you ‍use ‍a ‍top ‍level ‍menu ‍item ‍as ‍both ‍a ‍link ‍and ‍a ‍submenu, ‍this ‍is ‍because ‍for ‍compatibility ‍with ‍touch ‍devices, ‍where ‍the ‍concept ‍of ‍“mouse ‍hover” ‍doesn’t ‍exist, ‍a ‍tap ‍can ‍either ‍open ‍a ‍sub-menu ‍or ‍activate ‍a ‍link.