Can a slideshow display original file names in labels?

I’ve many pictures to rename and it would be so great not to have to ,-)
any clue ?

best regardz

Yes that’s what smart fields were designed for.

In this sample gallery I dropped a few images:

I then enabled the label for the first image and formatted it a bit, then selected all text and entered the file name smart field:

A smart field is text content that changes based on the context. In the gallery it can show information about the current image:

(technically the filename isn’t exif metadata, though all the other data there is)

So now the first image in the gallery has a label generated via the smart field, like this:

Now we need to put the same label on all images in the gallery. For this you can click the gallery action gear to propagate the label content to all other labels, something like this:

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Thanxalot Duncan, but here I can’t find this very option : I’m on the first image, full text label selected but nothing like “filename” does appear in my yet sparkle pro version.

where can I be wrong here ?

Ah you can switch to filename later, in the smart field popup. We had forgotten to add the filename in that popup, the screenshot is from my development version of Sparkle where we have added it.

Thanks for your reply, I understand it’s coming, sooner or later, when an update pops up :wink:
best regards.

I mean, it doesn’t pop up on my latest Sparkle pro version ;-(

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Sorry what I meant is that you first enter one of the other exif fields (say ISO), then from the smart field popup change it to filename:

!! Works perfectly ! thanks a lot again.

best regardz

Does next version have the ‘File Name’ option?
That would be really handy, and save a lot of typing…
Mine, the latest release, doesn’t- 3.0.8 (8420).

It works fine, a bit tricky but you just have to follow the Maestro (Duncan) explanations and it’s ok.

  • create a galery
  • select the whole text of your very first image’s sticker
  • click on the “create smart field” button that appeard on the right panel
  • choose any EXIF in the list
  • then click on the purple button a pop up comes up and THERE you can choose filename,
    just make sure you apply to all the gallery and here you are :wink:

Great, it works, although if the file is an image, the .jpeg is displayed, and I can’t seem to find out how to edit this extension to only leave the title.