Can i correct the web address?

Im using the free trial but about to update to the basic program, unless i need pro
(I only have one site so what is the difference with basic and pro)

but the main question is: I posted the site as a test to a …currentwebsite/test address and now want to go live, can i change the address to simply …currentwebsite/ or is this a problem due to the registering one address rule
same website just amending the address for public access.

Hi @imernater. I think it would be best to contact @duncan on this one as he could help you better on your question…

Well, to change the webaddress, one has to have a host, with a ftp-server, where you place your site. You did it now with …currentwebsite/test. What’s your real host/domain? So during the publish-process this has to be set.

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I have a host, i have a site already made years ago with iweb so I uploaded my new sparkle site to the host but with a /test, so i could see it loaded.

Well, if the site, doen with sparkle is ready to launch, (delete) copy the ftp-content to a folder on your Mac (or put it in a subfolder on your ftp) and upload the sparkle site to the destination on your ftp-server. You probably have the credentials and so it should be a breeze.

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Sorry @UweRausB
I understand what you are saying, but that is not the issue.
its the fact i can only reg one domain as a basic/one user (not pro) and i have already registered the domain as mydomain/test not realizing that i now have to stick to specific one, and i want to change that to the base domain name.

That is correct @imernater, that is whay I suggested having a talk with @duncan

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Thanks, and sorry. I was not aware of that, using only one and not being able to delete this one to change to a new one.

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