Can I do this with Sparkle files?

I have not been able to do this but it would be very interesting to have a preview, even if it is indicative, of the type of elements that are in a Sparkle project. For example, if I press the space bar on the keyboard on an Affinity Designer file, I get the preview I posted.
Can this be done with Sparkle? Is this an association problem in your opinion? When I try to do it, I don’t see nothing…
Thank you

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I like that too. I’ve never seen another app show file previews that way. What you are seeing is Designer’s asset catalogue. This works in Affinity Photo and Publisher too. This is one of the many features that make the Affinity apps so powerful. I hope the developer builds this into a future release of the iPad versions.

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Yes, it is a cool features! I would like see it in Sparkle too. But I have not understand if it is a OSX’s way to preview or it must coding from guys of Sparkle’s team…

Apple makes the feature available and the developer implements it.

More coolness…Open your Finder window, go up tp the View menu and open Show Preview Options. Pure gold for content creators!