Can I use output from Exhibeo 2?

As I former user of Freeway Pro, I used their standalone gallery maker, Exhibeo 2. Aside from outputting directly into Freeway Pro, it allows outputting as html. Can I insert this code into

Please advise.

Depends a lot, but you could try insert it with an “Embed” widget. Technically it should be fine, but i’ve never used it myself.

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Hi, I just checked on Exhibeo 2 for you, I cannot find if Exhibeo 2 creates a embed HTML. To check it I would need to buy that software.
If you provide me an embed HTML I might be able test it for you.

What is wrong with the Sparkle inbuilt one?


i’ve went a little more further on research for this information as the tool looks neat and gives more options to galleries than the “slider” only on Sparkle:

Looks like the HTML code Exhibeo 2 outputs will need further linking for pictures and local directories files and what not within the HTML to work well with Sparkle, since the code itself will be referencing Exhibeo 2. An HTML example would be cool so we could try it out - even if it’s just for the structure selected at exporting configs.

That platform I have worked on before Sparkle had fewer options than what Sparkle has.
There I have used that embedded Html script from Flickr, hast heaps of options, it’s free and easy to use.
Had a quick try with Sparkle and would also work with Sparkle in an embedded Html container.
Try this:


Yes it works fine - just tried it with an old Exhibeo gallery. Bit fiddly. Exhibeo exports a bunch of files. You then open the ExhibeoExport file in browser and follow instructions to place code in Sparkle embed box.
To preview the Sparkle web page locally you need to export the Sparkle site to disk and copy various css, image, js and theme files to the site folder. Then open the Sparkle index file in browser.
Whether worth the effort is up to you - Exhibeo does have a lot more options including a grid box.

this is great - and can save someone $29, easier to set up and can be done from anywhere besides your own machine. Great tip!

Yea, that’s what i’ve imagined. With the option @MiWe posed above, I think it’s unnecessary to have all this struggle for this type of solution.

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@primo and if your client wishes to upload new photos, then you create a free Flickr account for them then they can upload photos what they desire.

Two examples, I set up to discover how Exhibeo-2 files work together with Sparkle.
It is a bit cumbersome. The way I achieved this while preserving some scaling for the different devices is to upload the files to my hosting provider an then ad an iFrame (insert code) option to a page in Sparkle.
The site is in Dutch, but will give you an impression how it looks.
Not all themes from Exhibeo work well when it comes to scaling for different devices or getting a “full page” view for a picture while the option is present in the Exhibeo-files.
I didn’t integrate those pages fully within my website. So when you leave one of those pages you will not find them through the menu !



Well done @BenB , looks great.
I am only worried when you changing files on the server, what will happen if you do changes on your website with Sparkle and publish the site, the files and the hardworking might get undone.

Well that’s not really a problem.
I upload the Exhibeo file to a specific folder I created directly in my webfile’s between the files of Sparkle at the server.
In the page with the iFrame I copy the url for that specific folder… When I upload adjustments to my website that folder isn’t deleted by Sparkle.
When I upload additional Photo’s to that specific folder it does not change the Sparkle structure.
Setting up the page in Exhibeo (including the pixel sizes of the photo) and match the colours of the Exineo themes to my Page design is the real trouble.but that is a one-off.
Also needing to upload the Exhibeo file separately directly with a ftp-client to your web server is perhaps not an option for everyone. :blush:.

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Now I got it @BenB, that makes sense and your right it’s not a Problem. It’s the same way how I will do my new coming up project with membership system and news ticker system. It’s in talk if they also require a vent booking or not, but found a membership system with event booking as well.

But freeway is outdated technology , why will some body still wanna use it ?

Yes Freeway is, Exhibeo is a stand-alone, more moderen app, that can be used without Freeway.
Freeway is being rebuild into X-way using latest technology. I myself stopped using Freeway and switched to Sparkle a couple of years ago. However the gallery functionality in Sparkle is very poor and outdated in terms of its functionality. Exhibeo does a better job in that respect. So it would be very nice if something like Exhibeo could be used/integrated with Sparkle.
I understand from Duncan that they don’t like to go to that route. I can respect that, but in the meantime some of us are looking for a more state of the art Gallery function, to be able to use, without using things like Flickr or using externall Photo-gallery functions with a payed (yearly) description fee.

As the one who started this thread. I couldn’t agree with BenB more. As a photographer, Sparkle needs major additions in the gallery department to be the perfect app for my use.

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Thanks, we’re painfully aware.

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Duncan, Sparkle is the best application that I’ve found for my web building needs. The point is, if additional gallery choices are added, Sparkle could be the defacto choice for photographers.

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I totally agree. We can’t change the past, but we definitely need to focus more on photography features in the future.

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One small question about that flickrembed tool. Am I right, that you need an account for that and the logo «flickr» is not possible to eliminate? Would be a smart solution, but my client does not want to have that logo in it. Thanks for your reply!

You need to have a Flickr account that’s free. see attached photo with that flickr embed tool.

My client does not see any flickr logo.