Can my client be able to add Blog articles on his own?

Is it possible for my client to add his own blog news after I design his page or does he has to provide me the articles and get no access to edit his own? I appreciate the prompt response.

Hi @BiboPR, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

This is totally up to you…

  • you can give your client a copy of your Sparkle file and let them add their future blog posts and publish it from their end
  • you can create an iCloud share folder and have them access the Sparkle file from there and then when they have made an update you can update your file to match it
  • or you look after the maintenance of their site for a fee / month or / post

I don’t think they use Macs or don’t have the savvy to do it. Thanks

you could achieve something collaborative having the blog on a blogging platform like WordPress. Static website made with Sparkle that have a blog via WordPress