Can Sparkle force use of absolute hrefs

Is it possible to force Sparkle to use absolute href addressing (eg for images etc) rather than relative addressing?

Reason for asking is I’d like to use it to generate some simple HTML signatures for emails, where the images would be stored online and the index.html content would be placed in the local signature file.

@JimPitch, You can use the Embed widget to achieve this…

You can address any image in a sparkle-made website (from outside) with its absolute web address https://www.domain.tld/images/picture-xxx.jpg

Mr. F.

Hi @JimPitch, that’s not something can currently do. HTML in email is very different so in general Sparkle’s code wouldn’t work there anyway. That’s why we don’t have a goal of supporting HTML email and don’t plan on changing Sparkle for that.