Can text/image change when text is selected?

Here’s something I used to do with Fireworks but not sure if Sparkle has a way to do it.
I have a list of names in a textbook. When I select one of the names, I want the photo on the page to change to show the photo of the person selected and the text in a textbook to change to show that person’s bio.

I think I used to use an image map to do this a long time ago. Does this require special, embedded code in Sparkle?

Hi, there are two ways of doing this (as far as I know).

  1. The test block with the list of names, create a link on each name, so that when a name is clicked on, the trigger could then open up a light box. If you design an image which would include the photo and bio, using a graphics program so that this is used in the light box.

  2. The text block with the list of names, create a link on each name. make the link open a new page. This new page could then have the photo and a bio of that person. If you also include a ‘back’ button or link to take you back to the original page that would be good.

I’m not currently at my computer, so I hope I told you correct information.

That’s the only two ways I can think of how to do this, until new features come to Sparkle.
Maybe someone else on the forum will have a better way of doing this etc

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the rapid reply!

In either case, it sounds like I can’t have a text box and image on the page whose attributes change when I click on a name.