Cannot get the footer to work

I am working on my first sparkle website. Many pages, different lengths, text heavy, website plus blog. I am happy I finally got the Blog right, the privacy banner works, but now the footer. The page foot (the dots) is directly under the deepest text element. I believe everything is as it should be.
The footer consists of a vector graphic in a wide box (full width) and a text box.
But it does not follow the page foot. It just sits at the to of the page.
What do I do wrong?
Attached a screenshot.

@thomasf, Have you grouped the footer widebox and its content? Once you have done that you can ask it the “Follow footer” and it will behave! :slight_smile:

Yes, I grouped the wide box and the text box.

Are you sure that it is a group? The screenshot shot reads “Fuss”. Normally it says “Gruppe xy”.
Then double click on the 6 dots, and the footer should move to the end of the page.

Mr. F.

Its a group. I gave all groups speaking names.

But I tried the click now and it worked. Sorry, it seems I misunderstood something. I clicked all the pages before I created the footer and thought the footer would jump to the end when I look at the preview. I did not think I had to actually place it at the bottom on the layout page.

So, thanks a lot.