Canonical tags, Google search, and Sparkle

Hello Sparkle community. I have a Google issue but I am wondering if the cause is the resulting HTML generated by Sparkle. I was hoping someone may have insight and point me in the right direction.

Let me preface by saying when it comes to Google SEO, I am only smart enough to be dangerous to myself.

The issue is Google is not indexing at least my homepage. My reference to this is Google’s Search Console. When I dive a little into weeds, I see the reason being “Alternate page with proper canonical tag”. (See attached.) I understand a canonical tag is an HTML tag found in the source code to tell search engines which URL is the master version of a page.

I have an SSL and so my URL is When I enter and the page loads, the URL is - which is what want and expect.

When I went into my site’s index.html code I saw the following:

Should this read: where the http is replaced with https?

If yes, then how do I tell Sparkle? Or do I need to edit the index.html file manually?

If no, then let me add another tidbit. I have a test version of my site as part of the production version. Specifically, it is in a /test folder. Is having a duplicate of the entire site within the site’s folder structure the reason why Google is not indexing my site?

And if none of this is of any help, what am I missing?

Hi @DaverD,

something similar discussed in this thread:

Your website already has automatic redirection to the https url.

In the general section of the site settings you have just, so you need to replace that with This should fix it.

The test folder shouldn’t affect anything.

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