Can't rename file names (Pictures)

Hello everybody,

I wanted to ask if someone knows how I can change filenames of pictures on my website.
For some reason even though I change the image filename to something else, when I export the site the file names in the images folder are still the old ones. I deleted the images folder and exported again, still the old names.

Maybe there’s an option somewhere but I can’t see it :wink:

Thanks in advance.


I just figured out a way myself to rename them. Maybe it’ll help you. I resized the height of the pictures in Sparkle by 1. So instead of 1000x1000 I changed it to 1000x999 which seems to give the image a new identity and the new picture name sticks.

Maybe there’s an easier way? Not sure :slight_smile:

@rondawg, To rename your placed images I go to the right-hand panel after clicking on the image where you can rename the file, enter a title and also an alt tag. When you Publish Sparkle it uses this placed information…

Thank you @greenskin but that didn’t work for me. I used rename file and added alt tags but after export the images still had the old name. Resizing the pictures by 1 worked for me for some reason.

Hello @rondawg and @greenskin

I had the same problem some weeks ago. Simply renaming the picture in Sparkle didn’t work for me either. The exported picture always used the same old name.

I will try this again with resizing the pictures and then export.

@Shadowfax yes try it, it worked for me. Resize only he height of the picture you want to rename by 1 (1000x999) and then export. It’ll have the new name.

I think resizing gives the image a new identity. I you keep the size of the picture the same it seems Sparkle thinks it’s still the old picture and gives it the old name again :wink:

@rondawg, Ok that is strange! I have Published two new projects of late and I had no issues.

Sounds like you need to mention it to @duncan? He’ll be on in a couple of hours…


Thank you. I will try that today and post my results.

@greenskin the screenshot you posted, how come your Sparkle is dark? I have the latest Sparkle and it’s all white. Are you on PC maybe? I’m using a Mac and maybe that’s why simply renaming works for you and not for me and @Shadowfax ? I tried everything, even deleting the picture and putting in back in with the new name, didn’t work. Only resizing the picture by 1 works for me.


Sparkle is Mac only. There is no version for PC.

The “dark mode” you can set up in your macOS settings, if you have 10.14 or later …


Oh I see. I’m still using Sierra. Too scared to update haha


Well, I am still on Mojave, also not updating to Catalina.

Why fix what’s not broken, right? :smiley:

Okay. I could reproduce the same behaviour as @rondawg described.

Placed an image from pixabay … and exported.

Exported name as in Sparkle.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 10.30.49

Changed the name in Sparkle to “…renamed.jpg” and exported again.

No change in the name of the exported picture.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 10.32.29

Changed the size of the picture in Sparkle by 2 pixels … and the exported image has changed the name.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 10.33.09

Yes. Why fix what’s not broken?! :+1:
Especially when you have work to do and don’t want your system to crash. :smile:

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So it’s not only me… phewww :smile:

It’s like keeping the size the same doesn’t change the source somewhere. Resizing creates a new source and uses the new name. Strange but it works! :slight_smile:

Sparkle adds the width of the picture at the end of the file name … so by resizing the image a new image is exported and then it uses the changed file name, it seems …

I bet @duncan will have fun figuring this one out! haha

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

@rondawg, and @Shadowfax I’m using the latest Catalina and all good on this end! And yes I have Sparkle dark mode selected - makes my canvas pop more! :slight_smile:

Yep, I think a good thing to mention to @duncan, a possible glitch but I’m not sure?