Can't save publish settings

Had to reinstall my apps from a time machine backup after a system crash, everything is running fine again, except for Sparkle: when I try to upload any changes on my site I have to fill in everything like i did it on the first time: user name, password, name of the server, connection and the complete path on the server. First I thought, okay, it behaves like a newly installed app - but it keeps on asking all the information which is quite annoying, because I’m testing some features and to upload more than once. When I try to save the settings I get a “UNIX (permission denied)” message. It’s Sparkle 2.8.12 on OS El Capitan (1o.11.6), I have admin rights and everything else (on Sparkle, too) is running fine. Any suggestions anyone?
Besides: I love Sparkle! Regards from Germany

Since you had a system crash and based on the error you’re getting it looks like a corrupted file or the disk drive is failing. Sparkle just happens to be accessing the corrupted file or bad area of the drive. Since you’re running El Capitan, open Disk Utility and if there is a button called Repair Disk Permissions, run it. I’m running Catalina and Disk Utility is different than on El Capitan so I can’t see what you see on your system.

Ideally though, you should wipe your disk and do a clean install upgrading to Catalina. Do this through the App Store, including restoring all your apps. This way you won’t bring the corrupted file back from Time Machine. This is the most important reason to buy apps through the App Store.

Time Machine is great for data, but not for apps and system files. Time Machine does not clone your disk drive.

I did install a clean original version of 10.11. downloaded from Apple. Besides I had a clone made with Carbon Copy Cloner. Only took personal items from time machine. Rest was migrated from the copy clone. And as I said: even the Adobe apps are running fine - normally it’s them to cause problems. Running disk permissions repair on os 14, 15 and higher is much different on account of the completely different disk+file structure system. I can’t upgrade to any systems that do not run 32bit apps - for my work I depend on my -yes - old Adobe CS stuff and other apps from old times. Besides: my machine is a MacPro Early 2008, and I even got it to work on OS 14 Mojave. I’ve been working on Apple and Unix systems for decades. I suppose the problem is somewhere in the keychain permissions. But many thanks for your suggestion anyway! Thx :slight_smile:

Hopefully I didn’t offend. I couldn’t tell your experience level from your post. I always start with the basics when I don’t know people’s tech level. You’re right, Keychain permission is a possibility.

Running macOS 14 on your Mac Pro is great! People knock those Macs, but they are great machines.

I’m a content creator and remember well my days of Adobe CS. Once Adobe went subscription I abandoned all Adobe apps. I’d rather own problems than rent them :smiley:

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Sparkle saves the publish settings to the keychain, so maybe something is broken there.

Try opening keychain access, then from the file menu select lock login keychain then unlock login keychain (might be a bit different on 10.11).

A screenshot of the error would help if the issue persists.