Cant set up the Page hight

I am a new sparkle user.Most basic set up are easy to understand.But I have problems to find the set up for the page high.
Can somebody advise me how it works so I can set up the hight for individual pages.Cant find any infos in the sparkle tutorial.
thanks in advance for your help

Hi Jan,

it’s mentioned in this documentation page:

at the section “page bottom”.

Page height in most websites is usually determined by the content on the page. The more content you have, the longer the page gets. Sparkle allows you to adjust page height on this basis by simply dragging the page bottom downwards (or upwards as the case may be). There is no need to fix a page height because web pages are infinite - unlike physical pages when designing for print. The only dimension that should be fixed is the page width. In sparkle, the width is set per breakpoint so that it will display correctly on the various supported devices. But, height can go on forever because web pages are scrollable.