What’s new in 3.0,7?

From within Sparkle’s menus, selected Check for Update and you’ll see a list of changes. All bug fixes.

  • fixed compatibility with some SFTP servers
  • fixed memory leak
  • fixed crash when switching blog posts to summary view
  • fixed gallery label animations
  • fixed popups with animated contents
  • fixed element animations not starting when in group with animation
  • fixed modal/fixed popup size
  • fixed modal/fixed popup layout with border and backdrop filters
  • fixed scrollbar showing on modal popups in Firefox
  • fixed crash when changing opening hours in local business settings
  • fixed layout of multi-line buttons with empty lines
  • fixed blog index layout and order
  • fixed lottie animations in pages in a folder
  • fixed text wrap when switching blog layout/summary
  • fixed canvas rendering of right aligned menu elements with indent
  • fixed block quote copy/paste in documents with multiple devices
  • fixed code generation for strings with block quote in some cases
  • fixed blog post author name/email/publication date not updating
  • fixed more crashes

Thanks Duncan Just notice 3 bugs… :grin: