Change Background of all pages

I would like to change the background of all 200 pages to a custom background. I tried to activate several pages on the left, but the background only changes for the last page.
Is there an easy/fast way to do that?

I’m afraid there’s no way currently, sorry.

Probably there is a faster way to do it, because now i have to go through a five step procedure:

  • choose the page (on the left, thumbnail)
  • on the right “Background Content” choose “Custom Pattern”
  • click on the (grey) square
  • from the now opened window choose the Background
  • click on the square to close the window

Then go to the next page …

If anybody has found a shortcut for this, I would be very happy to hear about it!
Thank you

Edit: Just realized that I don’t have to close the last window but can choose directly the next page. So, on step less. But if there was a trick/shortcut that the Custom Pattern window opens when I choose the “Custom Pattern”, that would be an even bigger time saver …
Or even better, the last used Custom Pattern is chosen automatically until you want to open the window with all the custom pattern and choose another one.

Hi Chris.

I think, that’s the only way to do it. Page by page has to be edited.
For the build-in-pattern it would be great if the name (when you have selected one) would be shown near the square box.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-22 um 12.49.16
There is no visible order how the patterns are sorted. It’s like cabbage and turnips. When you don’t remember the name you have to scroll and scroll and scroll …

Mr. F.

Thanks Mr_Fozzie
the idea with the name is great, but it would even be better if the once chosen pattern stays chosen until you choose another one by clicking on the square.
I think that one chooses ONE background for most of a site or maximum a few if you want to point out different sections of the site with a different background.

Hi Chris.

Good call. The chosen pattern is marked with a red frame, but the popup window shows the patterns starting with #1 (whatever that is). I like to see that the chosen pattern appears directly in the window.

There’s room for improvement.

Mr. F.

well you could set up a box as the last layer with the image/pattern desired and choose to show on all pages, but i dont know if it will get last layer on every page… but if not, you just have to drag it down on the layer menu

File this under “Future Feature Request”……global (“show on all pages”) options for backgrounds and also for font changes.

200 pages!!! Yikes!
What kind of site is it? Wanna show us?

@macmancape It’s a family site about our ancestors and strictly for family use.

Thanks…and blessings on you for undertaking such a huge task and maintaining it! A labor of love, I am sure!


Let’s approach this logically. I see 4 options for the page background: simple color, build-in pattern, own pattern and video.

If several of these are used on the pages, how on earth is Sparkle going to be able to change all of them?

As a possible solution, I could imagine that the page background is defined in the general settings for the project, (optional) sort of as a template. Then there would be no need for individual settings for each page - and thus no flexibility to customize the background, for example, depending on the theme of the page.

Mr. F.

Logically, I agree. In Sparkle 2.x we couldn’t choose several items and change them in one go. That was “fixed” in Sparkle 3. If - as I tried to do in the first place (see my first post) - we could select multiple thumbnails on the left and change the background for those selected ones, the problem would be solved (at least as far as I’m concerned).
Of course there are other possibilities that seem to me much more complex (as Mr_Fozzie pointed out), but they are not as urgent or wouldn’t be necessary, if we had the “easy” option.

@macmancape Yes, it took me over eight years to collect informations and old pictures, and another two years to visit the different relevant places. But it was worth it, I think.

Hi Chris.

I do not know this because i started with version 3.

Mr. F.

I remember using Microsoft Front Page back in the 90’s where it had a template page that could be referenced. That would be pretty slick. Do you know what else would be slick? If the sparkle form could send attachments. Ok Ok Ok. Sorry duncan.

New user here, I had to +1 this. I have almost the same problem as chrisMF. The killer Sparkle feature for me was the ability to import existing websites. I am reviving my father’s old website on Tripod, and getting it to a different hosting provider. It has 201 pages and I am needing to change the background on all of them. I am really enjoying Sparkle and happy that at least I don’t need to completely recreate all of these pages. But being able to select a bunch of page thumbnails and change all backgrounds at once would be a huge time saver.

Thanks, Duncan, for all of your work.

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Thanks (from the team :slight_smile:), yes we need to find a solution for that.

Yes agree that it would be handy to have a global option for:

  1. Background color or image
  2. Fonts

Kind of like the “Show on all pages” option that we already have.

Version 4 maybe?

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@macmancape If you are using Sparkle 3.x right then you already have those option, except that for a background image.
Use the global colours in your project and similar with fonts, I use for content the tag option so I can change the font for that certain tag and every page is changed.

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