Change color of Hamburger icon

Still new to Mac, and learning about 3 programs at once. I don’t think that you can change the Hamburger icon color within Sparkle.
I’m working with Affinity designer and publisher and I’m not even into their manual yet. ;).
Anybody have a fast and dirty way to change the color of the icon? I need to change it to a white png.
Maybe time to buy another pgm like Sketch :wink: or maybe not :wink:

  • Bill (the dumb one)

Hello @Woodrow

You can use your own image as a hamburger menu icon and just replace it in Sparkle.

So to save you some time and work, I changed the colour for you to white and you can download it right here. :relaxed:



Or get a full set here: Free Sparkle Themes

Mr. F.

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Thanks Gentlemen. Appreciate that. Thanks for the link Mr. F.

For the future, if you have Photoshop or Procreate (& probably other programs, but I don’t know them), choose “hue, saturation, brightness” and move the color slider. You can also lightly change colors in the photos app by choosing the “tint” option on the edit screen (right side choices)

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Thx Chaya. For me it’s the Affinity package. I’m still in the process of flipping my sites to Sparkle and Mac and not on top of all the programs I have to learn.
I’m a learn by doing, and consulting manuals when I’m stuck; but the board and @duncan are amazing resources.