Change licensed computer

Hi, I purchased Sparkle and use it on a laptop, but now I’d like to use it on a desktop computer instead. Of course I understand that I can´t use it in both simultaneously. Can it be done and how?

Actually you can use Sparkle on the devices you use yourself. The license is for a single person, but all the Macs of that person.

Thanks for answering, how is it defined? icloud?

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean. How’s what defined?

In the context of the Mac App Store version, I think what @Duncan is saying is Sparkle will work with all Macs connected to the iCloud ID that was used to purchase Sparkle.

I don’t know about the process of purchase from his store, if that uses a license code or gets activated online, so can’t say about that. But gist is, you can use it and license it without any further cost to you.

Ah sure yeah, if @RicReyes purchased from the Mac App Store, any Mac that uses the same Apple ID used to purchase will find the same purchases, so downloading Sparkle from there will download a pre-activated copy of Sparkle. This is all managed by the AppStore.

For direct purchases from our website, you get a serial code. You just enter that serial code on the other Mac when activating it.

Thanks, Duncan and Phoenix!

Hi @duncan how can I find the serial code?

I replied to your email.