Change the number of elements in a group

Is it possible to add or subtract something from the group?

Click through until it’s selected the press delete on the keyboard.

OKAY. And how do you add an element to a group?

Ungroup, the select the items you want again including the new element, and group again.

I do, but I thought there was another better way to add a new item to the group.
If the group had a name for the html code, after ungrouping it loses the name and after the new grouping it has to be named again, and after subsequent changes again.
So it would be better if there was a layer panel, and in this panel you could move objects and also within groups, as it is in graphics programs such as Photoshop, Affinity, CorelDraw or WYSIWYG Web Builder.

Double click to group then paste inside.

Select one (any) element within the existing group and copy/paste the new object into the group. So far that has always worked for me.

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Indeed, cutting and pasting into the group works well. However, I still prefer to have access to the layers panel.
Thank you very much.