Changing blog date

Hello dear Sparklers!

I have a question for you:
I started a test-blog on my laptop and now want to add (copy & paste) that blog to existing webpages on another machine. However, the blog shows todays date on each post. Can I change the date somewhere afterwards? Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards


I’m not a blog expert, but you should be able to do that. The date is a smart field. When it shows up in the RSS view, then the blog index page should sort the posts by date. When you have more than 1 post per day, i would add the time as well.

For me it is a bit of trial and error.

Mr. F.

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The date is in the page settings, on the right. Changing that makes it change in the page as well, because it’s a smart field.

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Thank you, Duncan!
I had to start from scratch and then it worked pretty well. Love it!