Changing image name directly in Sparkle

Hello, I have a short question:
My project has a french section and an english section. They are identical except the texts.
Sparkle give the possibility to rewrite the names of the images.
If I change the name of an image X and choose a french name in the french section and an english name in the english section, does-it create 2 images or just 2 names of the same image ?
It is an important point as my project is heavy, with hundreds of images.

If your French website is a duplicate of your English website then yes, and yes you would have two images. But I haven’t published any dual language websites so maybe someone else can jump in and further clarify…

My advice: leave the file names (image names) the same.
You can translate the description of each image, but don’t double the overall size of your site with duplicate images.
The user sees the same image anyway…they don’t know or care what the file is named. Why bother doing more?

The name of the image has a SEO importance, that’s why.

If images are identical Sparkle will coalesce them under a single image file with the filename of the image that gets published first.