Changing Page Title Removes Page from the Menu

Using the SEO Assistant I am advised to give the page titles “at least 30 characters”. When I change the page title the page disappears from the Menu. A Menu with three pages reduces by one item each time I change the page title.

Fortunately I remembered the word used for the page titles so was able to restore the menus.

What is the process to get the page to recognise the menu after changing the original title?

Thanks again for some help.


Yes @MikeHutch it is a bit tricky and now and again gets me as well.

It sounds like you are using the Sparkle Menu, so go to the menu and click on the menu title in question and edit that back to what you had. Then you will have a 30 character page title, and your menu title will be what you had originally.

Thank you FlaminFig.

I’ll be honest by saying that it has now finally worked but I have no idea how. :slight_smile:



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One possibility is editing the menu after making the titles longer, another is “freezing” the menu changes by unchecking the “Auto add pages” checkbox in the menu. That option could alternatively be called “Synchronize menu items with page structure”, though it’s longer and more confusing for beginners, but that’s essentially what it does.

Thank you Duncan. I hope that I won’t fall into the trap of using a short page title next time.