Check out my latest website for a client!

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since I’ve last logged in but here I am back. it’s been more than a couple of months since I finished this website but here I’m leaving the link down below. any review is appreciated. Also the left side is blank intentionally by the client on biography page. we’ll put her picture when she gets one.


Hi Matt,

good job. May I ask how did you achieve the clean URL structure?

I Know it can be done trough htaccess, but it looks different what you did compared with what I have seen so far.

Best regards


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Hi Lennart,

Thank you for your review! I just used the “Custom Filename” option of each page by removing the html extension. Sparkle finds the linked pages anyway.

Hope that helps.

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Mighty fine job @matt! :slight_smile: :clap:

If anything upping your mobile paragraph text by 2pts would make it a far better reading experience on the smaller devices.

Nice work. Same remark as FF, text rather small on iPad air 22.

Is it Tamar or Tamara?

Thank you for the reviews! And I will make a note of that. @FlaminFig @lode.rosel

@Sparkletter, her real name is Tamar.

Bravo, Good Job, nice, elegant and clear, well done!

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Nice work, I was not aware that we can place the menu for 320 pixels in the middle of the page. Thanks for the tip.
1- For the font size on the phone I never go lower than 16 pixels, because peoples that have more than 50 years can’t read.
2- Your year for the copyright his not updated, 2022. If you used a smart field for the year SPARKLE will update automatically.

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@maxsanna @Frenchie

Apologies for just being able to react to your reviews. Thank you very much. And I will definitely start paying attention to my font sizes for a better user experience.