Check out my latest website

Hey there, you are welcome to check out my latest website for a client:
How do you like the website? do you have any feedback? Cheers Steffi


Love the illustrations! Congrats Steffi :clinking_glasses:


Thank you very much!

Well done @Steffi! :slight_smile: :clap:
The illustrations and accompanying animation is a nice touch, plus all good on mobile!


Thank you, FlamingFig. As you are Skarkle-Pro, can you give me an example for a site with an embedded Instagram feed? A client ask me for this and I am afraid, it does not work properly.

Why don’t you use Sparkle’s Instagram feed?
I have tried several Instagram third-party feeds and in the end they always play up or just break.

Sparkle’s Instagram feed has not mucked up for any of my clients since using it for them.

Which third-party feed is your client suggesting?

He is not suggesting any third party feed. I just want to see a sparkle site with a feed. I did not find any (working) site here.

Hi :wave:t2:

Your website is really nice, congratulations!

For Instagram, there are several ways to integrate it into Sparkle. Don’t hesitate to check out the documentation: Instagram | Sparkle Documentation

To give you an idea, here are three examples : Instagram Exemples

I hope this helps you.

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Hi @Steffi what a good site, the animations and graphics look good. I viewed it on Mobile and everything appears to be working.
You mentioned about an instagram feed, I have one on my website in the footer, it looks better on the desktop version this was created using sparkles own integration. Simon.

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Ok got you!
Here are a couple of examples using Sparkle’s Instagram feed…

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Hi Allan, thank you. The german documentations are not as good as the english ones. I am not able to test with my own account, for i have a plenty of accounts for clients. It works (somehow) with an account of a client, but i can not test with tis account. I would like to see a nice page with that feature. :frowning:

Aaah, cool. Thank you so much. Do the new posts come automaticallly on the page?

Very cool, thank you. I did not recognize the shop on yoir site. Do the recent posts publish automatcally on your page?

Nice clean site that looks good on my iPhone. Animations are well done, very simple. They break up what is a lot of text on the page.

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Thank you for your comment. :slight_smile:

Hi @Steffi
The ecommerce shop I’m using is Gumroad. The purchasing experience for the User works above the web page keeping the User from being disorientated while making the purchase.

The recent posts on the home page is what I manually place to catch people’s attention.
It would be great if a Sparkle widget was introduced to mirror the three latest posts from the Blog Index page, and which we can place anywhere on our website. In my case the home page! :slight_smile: :pray:

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