Checkbox on form is producing different text

I have a form on our website that contains a checkbox labeled “Add me to mailing list”. Until recently, when the user filled the form, we would receive an email that contained one of:

  • Add me to mailing list: Yes
  • Add me to mailing list: No

However, this recently changed to

  • Add me to mailing list: Add me to mailing list
  • Add me to mailing list: -

I don’t know which specific version of Sparkle caused this, but I definitely prefer the previous Yes/No method. I hope that this is a bug that can be fixed (as opposed to an intentional design change)?

I agree with you. This is a bug.
I can reproduce the identical behavior.

Also, I don’t know with which version this crept in.

I hope @Duncan is reading this. Normally he, or the team, prefer a mail with a trimmed down project to be able to reproduce the bug quickly.

So let’s wait and see what happens.

Mr. F.

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This was an intentional change in 4.0.6 IIRC, for some checkbox use cases, but I see how the previous form might be preferable in other cases. We’ll figure something out.


If I am reading this correctly, then the following will be transferred to the email to be sent:
{form variable}: {label}
With some clever redesign of the form, you can fix the appearance of the email.

But while you’re at it, you could fix the following: If the text in the label is too long for the given box, it will simply be truncated without the box border turning red, like a text box. The same applies to the radio button. This could lead to confusion.

Mr. F.

I think it’s a matter of getting used to a certain look. I have just used contact forms for the first time and have experienced that this is normal. For the mail, the text is repeated, insofar it‘s checked, otherwise only “-” will be noted. Since I do not know anything else, I think this is fine.

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