Clear Business Type setting

In exploring the Business Type setting within Local Business Settings I have inadvertently set it. Although I can change two another of the options I am unable to clear it. This is necessary as their is no category into which Men’s Sheds fit.

Well the local business information will not be published without selecting a business type, and it’s not important what you have picked if you don’t publish it. On the other hand if you do publish it, you will pick something relevant, which will be non-blank.

Thanks Duncan, understand that. But how do I reset it blank there is nothing relevant for non-profit volunteer organisations.

You can’t clear it. But as mentioned, no harm done, as it’s not published.

I agree and wish for more options of business types, maybe even a “fill in the blank” option. For example, I did a site for a guy with a lawn irrigation business…not a unique thing, but not an option in this app.
I wonder if you can’t just put in some random thing, then edit the HTML later to get what you want?

We’ve been over this already. These are categories, so you need to lobby them if you want others.